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Fall 01

We Do Things Differently

Welcome to our site.

We attempt to do what no other media are doing. We are trying to show an unadulterated picture of the reality as seen by an average working class citizen of this country. Once in a while an important piece of information is shown to the public, a piece that refers to a distressing problem that is facing our society. These important pieces of information are lost in the deluge of others, irrelevant ones. This is aimed to distract our attention from the realities of life and do not serve the progress of the society as a whole.

The news media, television in particular, delivers information distorted by propaganda, or in the interest of their sponsors, omits to present important and unbiased facts. Hand in hand with it goes the extremely convoluted legal environment created by our legislation. This can be hardly understood by an outsider and is intentionally made so, that a hard working citizen of this country cannot follow and understand it.

Most pieces of legislation leaving the Capitol Hills, either on the Federal or State levels, usually serve narrow interest groups at the cost to the rest of us. We may as well call upon the Governments to create a special “Social Policies Interpretation Offices” to translate these pieces of legalese into a matter understandable to a common, hard working American citizen. An explanation should follow how it will impact our lives in long and short terms.

We are at the point in time that requires the unity of all those who have the good of their country in mind. This is the time to open up to social dialog. Unfortunately it seems as though the Internet is the only environment that still allows for bi-directional, unbiased free exchange of thought and communication.

We invite everybody to participate as we gather experiences and stories. Let the dialog widen, so that more and more details will be available to the view of every citizen of this country. Emphasis is now resting on most pressing issues of health care and education. However, problems facing people at workplaces, and their growing frustration with the system which does not stand firm to its promises, should ideally find its way here.

The main feature and aim of this site is its constant growth and development. We attempt to be preservers and presenters of socially relevant information.

The American Dream is dying a slow and painful death! The ideals of American democracy are seriously distorted. We have to take it upon ourselves to change the reality, so our children can enjoy freedom from oppression and decent standards of living.